Saturday, 24 December 2011

Haikus etc

a moth flies towards
a mirror bathed in moonlight
is the moth lonely ?

In Australia
It is the Summer Solstice
Druids upside down

Farewell Kim Jong il
You have gone to a hot place
Snow falls in Pyongyang

Haiku Haiku
It's off to wok
We gu

the non rhyming ancient mariner

the boatswain
feels pain
by the gunwales
he met some fun males
in the forecastle
they stole his parcel

The sons of Dear Leader will die
Unless from Pyongyang they can fly
The country is broke
The leader's a joke
Their nukes they must soon wave bye-bye

A limerick writer called Lear
Brought all of his readers good cheer
His lyrical wiles
Brought laughter and smiles
Until the last line

There was a Korean called il
Whose hair made him look like a dill
His son was called un
And his idea of fun
Was fapping to Hamburger Hill

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