Saturday, 24 December 2011


in days gone by
a packet of crisps
meant thin and plain
salt was provided in
a little twist of navy
blue paper at the bottom
of the packet
crisp boffins discovered
salt and vinegar in 1969
the same year as the moon
although the documents are
still classified it is widely
believed that NASA was
behind S & V
and that Neil Armstrong
ate several packets
before stepping out
of the lunar module

discoveries came
thick and fast thereafter;
cheese and onion was isolated in 1970
followed by bacon in 1972;
ironically this was at the
secret labs of Dimona
where Israeli scientists
developed their fission weapons.

the public soon had a dozen
flavours to choose from;
the next quantum leap
came in 1978 when
ridging was introduced
by of all people the Belgians
"nos chips sont costauds"
they announced in Brussels
(they mean crisps when they
say chips... but not vice-versa)
the new ruggedized crisps
are far less susceptible to
the pile of crisp debris
at the bottom of the bag
is a distant memory
unless you sit on them

who knows what twists lie ahead
in the unfolding drama of our
favourite bag-snack ?
we can be sure that the
guys at CERN are not spending
all their time looking for bosons;
is it just a coincidence that the
accelerator was built in the shape
of a hula hoop ?

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