Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Evil Eye

Some people can cause problems by looking
They gaze at a baby and it falls ill
They gaze at a cow and its milk ceases
They gaze at a car and it refuses to start;
Perhaps you know someone like this...
What is to be done to counteract their influence ?
You can make the sign of the fig in Italy;
Tuck your thumb between the next two fingers
Or you may prefer the Manu Cornuto ~
Point the little finger and index finger of your left hand at the jettatore;
Amulets are popular in Greece and Turkey;
Those blue glass pendants called nazars,
Maybe you brought one back as a souvenir;
However they only work if received as a gift;
You cannot buy apotropaic success
If all else fails you can tie a red ribbon
To the baby, cow, or car...
And don't forget to spit on the ground
The next time a stranger compliments you
Mazel Tov !!

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