Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Waiting for news from the future
We interrogate the past
To ransom the hostaged present
From the donjons of contingency
Who what where when
Whom whence which why
Wo wass wer wenn
Qui quoi comment quand
Answers on a poet scarred
Sleep pretty wontons
Do not fry
And I will sing
As lovers vie
Now lettest thou thy serpent
Dip art in peas
We walk arm in arm
Unter den Linden
A pocket full of figs
We show reverently
To a Lascar seaman
Who smiles anciently
And lets us take a turn
At the world's capstan
Shaking the jewels from
The heaventree with our
Majuscule chromosomal iteration
From X to Y and back again
Genetic scrabble played blindly
Vas-y cherie fais ce que voudras
Out on the lawn we lie in bed
Neon conspicuous overhead
Our task invigilated by some
Suburban priapic shrubbery god;
On Dover beach we wear our
Trousers rolled and connect
Nothing with cnut-thing
Sempiternal shuffling
Crustacean scuttle will
Not indemnify us against
The whichness and whatness
Emerging unbidden in shameless
Quiddity across the shocked cockles
Bearing good news the waves
Break in foam falanges where
The cowries roam free
We crisscross diameters
Tangentially invoked
Shall we ?
Should we ?
When ?

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