Sunday, 11 March 2012

A1 Services

By the greasy strip of tarmac
By the busy service station
Puffing on her skinny roll up
In the gloomy winter evening
Northern Nina stood and waited
All the air was full of carbon
From the traffic heading Northwards
And above her shone the street light
Shining on her pancake makeup
Endless flowed the cars and lorries
Making journeys to the Midlands
Burning petrol burning diesel
Showed no sign of seeing Nina
Nina dressed in fishnet stockings
Waiting for a nervous punter
Take him to the lonely carpark
Let him have her for a tenner
Twenty if without a condom
She is forty getting older
Lots of younger girls come out here
But tonight she is the last one
Now she spots a likely client
Chucks her fag and saunters over
Alright darling want to party ?
Business man with smart apparel
Nina feels no apprehension
Climbs into the gleaming beemer
Suddenly she feels the terror
Central locking clunks to jail her
Now the game is up for Nina
She will soon appear on Crimewatch
Yet another murder victim
Used abused and then discarded
Found behind a row of dustbins
Nasty shock for council binmen
Ring this number if you saw her
We will keep your naughty secrets
We won't tell your homely missus
What you did with Northern Nina
In the carpark every Monday
On your way to Wolverhampton
For the weekly salesmen's meeting
Now the greasy strip of tarmac
Once patrolled by ageing Nina
Is again the lonely setting
For another paying tryst
But the punter will be getting
Not a hooker's lips around him
But copper's handcuffs on his wrist

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