Saturday, 3 March 2012


pacific cheese
same old ethos
it's like a game of rugby
it's all change this weekend
still quite mild though
a wet day for many places
i've been given unique access
a devastating gush
under the plan
dating back to the nineteen sixties
speaking to newsnight
one small town in indiana
is said to have completely gone
little is known about the piece
in a music book dating from 1780
three way deadlock
blue sky thinker rides
into the sunset
do you like pizza ?
no what is it ?
this is not an admission
of liability
kind of stonewalled
water off a duck's back
none of this can be substantiated
they have their own narrative
undermine their steadfastness
they are feeling the heat
that is the Russians' achilles heel
the pressure is definitely building up
a hundred or so wooden boats
the normal rhythms of life
we don't want our efforts
to go to waste
none of these
documents existed
they must have been destroyed
to maintain order in the inbox
it is a decision for the
back end of the season
it was a good foot
over the line
we must go forward
with technology
that might be
too big a stretch
you are planet earth
thank you
a pie and
a pint

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