Saturday, 3 March 2012


every one is a
fruit and nut case;
are you sure ?
i am willing to admit
that a minority
may be fruit and
nut cases perhaps
twelve percent but
not everybody
that is hyperbole
at best ~
well why say it if
you know it is not
true ?
you don't have to
be mad to work here
but you do if here
is the cadbury's
fruit and nut
do you see what
i mean ?
no i am not trying
to be funny
i will let you
know in
when i
feel like
never told
you what happened
to your father
play it once, Sam,
for old times' sake,
play 'As Time Goes By'
this mage might have
been removed,
had its name changed,
or is temporarily
αστερες μεν αμφὶ καλᾱν σελαννᾱν
αψ απυκρυπτοισι φαεννον ειδος
οπποταν πληθοισα μαλιστα λαμπηι
γᾶν επι παισαν
he told me enough !
he told me you killed him !
no. i am your father
daddy ! my daddy !

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