Thursday, 1 March 2012


In a rusty tin in
Granny's kitchen I fingered
Thick cartwheel pennies
Weighing a copper ounce
With the bewigged head of Geo III
Tiny silver 3d pieces with acorns
From the reign of Geo V
Bun pennies of Victoria
Superseded by the gloomy
Widow head pennies
Followed by the bald
Bonce and beard of
Edward VII who looks
Just like James R Justice
A Georgian shilling from
A hoard buried in Dublin
And unearthed by a Fenian
Curious Chinese coins
With a square hole
Square coins from Burma
Irish pennies with a hen
To accompany the 6d pig
The 3d hare and the
Shilling bull and also
The salmon florin
My favourite English coin
Is the little wren farthing
Also the twelve sided thrupenny

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