Saturday, 3 March 2012


did you know that
your skin covers
two square metres ?
it is the largest organ
of the body
ooh er matron;
beauty is skin deep
it is no skin off my nose
by the skin of my teeth;
some people well quite
a few have tasteless and
poorly executed tattoos
daft mottoes in foreign
languages and names
of partners are inked
on the torsos of a
million multiskills
testifying to insignificant
milestones in dull lives;
fortunately these art
crimes are usually
hidden from view
but in the summer
flesh is bared and
dodgy tribal scribbles
are displayed for
public disapproval;
if i had a tattoo
it would be
the first chapter
of Swallows and
Amazons inscribed
down from my neck
with portraits of
Peggy and Nancy
on my bottom

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