Monday, 12 March 2012


Montezuma sounds better
Than Moctezuma
I get really confused
Between Aztecs
Toltecs Olmecs
And Incas
Was it Columbus who
Destroyed their empire
Or stout Cortez or
Picasso ?
They liked long
Names for their
Gods and cities
The Hummingbird of the South
The Lord of the Smoking Mirror
The water Goddess whose
Ceremonies included priests
Diving into the lake and
Making frog noises
Tlazolteotl the Filth Eater
Who is often portrayed
With a black mouth ~
Young ladies would chew
Bitumen mixed with insect
Goo to freshen their breath
Curl Obsidian Knife
Xolotl and the horrible
Xipe Totec the Flayed One
& the Feathered Serpent
The conquistadors
Frowned upon the
Customs and beliefs
Of the short brown people
Especially their human
Sacrifices and replaced
The gruesome pantheon
With Christian saints
And their deadly ball
Game with footie;
In the steamy jungles
Of Belize and Honduras
Ancient temples sulk
Under lianas; snakes
Slither across vast
Stoneworks which
Bear curious carved
Pictographs telling
Of the deeds of
Warrior kings with
Names like Shield Jaguar
and Eighteen Rabbits
Here we can trace their
Complicated calendars;
The Mayas, i remember
Now and that bongo
Physicist deciphered
The Long Calendar and
Now the New Age folk
Say that this year it
Comes to The End
Perhaps Moctezuma
Will be revenged

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