Friday, 20 April 2012


You also have an allocated seat
Now half price at Tesco
Immediate redemption required
Certain rail tube and road journeys
Will be affected
We should pile into
The housing market
People worried about
The green belt
Are we obsessed with owning ?
It will shock a lot of parents
Standards of basic literacy
A tick box culture in childcare
Free carwashes for a year
Highs of twenty celsius
Escaping the relegation zone
The Trotters face Blackburn
The stamp duty holiday comes
To an end
It is a quarter past six
Straight after this from Breton
This is their single interference
Any way the four winds blow
I can see that it gets to you
When you haven't laid
Down for days
Hello darkness my old friend
Always something there to remind me
Oh how can i forget you
The very spot is marked
By a baked potato machine
This is where his life ended
I have my eye on a piece of
Kentish road
It is a perfectly still morning
You rely on this river
A group of swans munching on our wheat
Snipe probe their beaks into the soil
You can actually use less water
A wonderful smell of strawberries in here
We grow all our tomatoes hydroponically
Let's celebrate the tofu
Expand that to the perfect
Breakfast mouthful
It would be the sausage
Quite a white bread bun
I'm going to ram it in
Let's have some Amy

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