Sunday, 29 April 2012

emission 2

It is a tactical last resort
Comments from afar; deeply unhelpful
I had to sign those papers
We deserve a better Bahrain
Our ambition is to become
One of the top clubs in Europe
It's pretty mouthwatering
Real Madrid four points
Ahead of Barcelona
Strap in and enjoy the ride i think
Well absolutely sweltering today
The talks have always been positive
It's really who can look after your tyres the most
He has shattered the London course record
Personal style has become more important
In many respects than policy
Down on the Riviera
Instead of voting for Marine le Pen
You should vote for me
What have you eaten by mistake ?
We fully expected the ship to stop
How do you feel now ?
It's really a horrible thing
Most people in Belgium say skål
First though to North Korea
My mother tongue is Cantonese
Malay and Tamil are also spoken
First though it's Starship
This is Gold

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