Friday, 20 April 2012

the final

You should all know the rules by now...

Finger on buzzer
On edge of the seat
Knowledge is fizzing
Can we stand the heat ?

Is it Potassium
Manganese, Lead ?
These science fact questions
Are hurting my head

Now it is pictures
It shouldn't be hard
But damn it's Rococo
But not Fragonard

No footie no TV
No downmarket tat
He's chosen the subjects
That i'm rubbish at

Let's hope that the music
Will be modern pop
If it's Schubert Lieder
My ears i will stop

A miracle ~ it is all
Questions on Punk
The Clash, Damned & Stranglers
We have a slam dunk

And now on the tie-break
The Championship hinges
"Name Oedipus' father"
It's Laius !! You minges !!

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