Friday, 20 April 2012


We checked the sensors
Any updates ?
Sarah's been trumped
Out of control
And finally a derelict
Before dawn
Holed up in the bungalow
The trademark grotesquely
Tooled up by the sound of it
No place to hang out your washing
Deep in the heart i abhor ya
Eclectic avenue
Dealing in multiplication
Out in the daytime
Out in the night
Thrashed seven three
Fully committed to the posh
My word how they have improved
Soared by thirteen percent
Scrap countryside protection
It could save thousands of lives
Did we lose ?
Do let me know
You can barely buy
Anything for 50p
Won't you come on over
Did you have to pay
That fine
I miss your ginger hair
Will now go for Royal Assent
A robust framework
The whisper
Killed by the coalition
Did we lose ?
Why did they abandon the game ?
You look especially like a doctor
The popularity of Scandinavian
Literature aimed at young people
Mrs Pepperpot
Pippi Longstocking
Shots have been fired
Aspirin can reduce the risk
A suspect is inside
Salafist jihadist
A l'exterieur
So few surprises
Higher stamp duty
Already unveiled
Room for manoeuvre
She'll be doing one final
Bop around her endoscopy
I get the same old dreams
These four walls
Are closing in
Since you've been gone
John in Rochester
She has a number
Of surprises in store
It's been a great forty minutes
I was a zebra finch guy myself

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