Saturday, 12 May 2012


Zamburan says that we should
Eat more almonds;
He may well be right
In the meantime we shall
Concentrate on walnuts
All well and good interjects
The adjutant from his sofa but
The Margravine insists on filberts;
If they were good enough
For the Archduke they are
Good enough for us quotha;
In the Biedermeier bierkellers
They are cracking cacahuetes
As if there were no tomorrow
And Unter den Linden is strewn
With hazel shell shrapnel;
Chestnuts are the thing
Opines the Elector Palatine from
His gilded baruche ~ I have just
Roasted some in my kepi;
Please pass them round ~
Can you tell me where
Is Mrs Fothergill ?
She was going to
Lend me her
Owl glass ~
Excellency here is
Mine slightly
Foxed unfortunately;
I stole it
From a
At the Iron Gates
While he was
Polishing his

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