Friday, 25 May 2012

Mano a mano

Bewdley is nice at this time of
Year we go there for the equinox
You know we take the caravanserai
It is so easy nowadays you just press
The button on your gazette and hey
Presto it's party time although my
Neighbour Mr Vallance the equerry
Told me that he had a virus on his
Platter which upended his boyos
And he had to reboot the whole
Mandolin and you don't need
That kind of worry at his age
Still we do like our comfort
Creatures here in Worcs
It's a home from home we
Even bring next door's cat
No they just think it has
Wandered off for a few
Days but last year they
Offered a reward which
We claimed laugh we
Nearly paid our inheritance

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