Friday, 25 May 2012


Over a hundred people are on
Mount Everest following the
Well beaten route first climbed
By Hillary and Tenzing in that
Hopeful year at the beginning
Of the new Elizabethan Age;
A new Queen a new King of
The mountains although it
Is possible that the 1924
Expedition of pipe smoking
Tweed wearers did reach the
Summit of Chomolungma
Before perishing on the
Way down the North Col
Nowadays it is all routine;
Double glazing crazies
Pushing the envelope to
Get that leg up onto the
Regional sales arete
Buying the £30k package
The must-have add-on
To the Lunnun Marrerfon
So what next for
These challenged
Manidgmunt Tarzans ?
Personally I would go
Down the new species route;
For a cool £2 million you are
Guaranteed to contact a jungle
Tribe which has never met a
White man plus you discover
A new species of beetle which
Is named after you;
So long after Dave Smethurst
From accounts has ceased to
Impress the HR floozies with
His Himalayan exagerrations
And invitations to handle
His high performance equipment
Your own special insect is still
Bearing the immortal name of
Gary Knobley around the
Rain forest's vastness;
The kimono is open

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