Wednesday, 20 June 2012

ignoratio elenchi

It's not the owls i mind
So much as the steeples
She said wrinkling her
Cute hooter
And the graveyards sooo
Depressing they should like
Have an app or something
Instead for dead people
Not these graves and churches
We're in like the twentysomething
Century it's not like we believe things
It's all been debunked by those guys
You know those millionaires on teevee
You only have to look at the news to see
What happens with religion
Skinny frapuccino cheers
Want a couple of lines ?
No i don't know where it
Is from and am not bothered
Look i work hard for my money
And pay my taxes, well you know
Everyone does that you would be
A mug to declare all of it duh
Anyway if we did not buy their
Product these people would starve
Yeah maybe Mexico or Peru or look
I just buy it i am not hurting anyone
If i didn't buy it someone else would
Yeah they have this like awesome
Ancient calendar and it is all coming
To an end this year it's like all over
The internet and there is this like
Extra planet which the scientists
Are covering up called Nobiro
It's really cool yeah
Look gotta go and see Calvin
He's scored some great gear
Ciao mwah mwah

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