Wednesday, 20 June 2012


azimuth of agenbite
zenith of syzygy
churlish sigil
debonair mansuetude
rebarbative barber
who is at the apparatus ?
i do not need a medlar tree merci
or a miniature weasel goodday
these people can you imagine
arthur it is tiffin time
on the belvedere please
the rain has eased and we
should let the public see
that the rumours about
my diet are unfounded
perhaps it would be wise
to begin with the carp pie
with that impertinent Soave
and then the croustillade de chenilles
perhaps the Sauternes would suit ?
to finish some reindeer gelato flambé
with the last of that bottle of calvados
simple pleasures arthur is it not so ?
could you summon the manciple
to join me there are several matters
concerning the university which concern
it is better to nip these troublemakers' buds
if there is any more of this heliocentric
nonsense we shall close the faculty
orreries are to be banned forthwith
now where did i put my grimoire ?

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