Monday, 11 June 2012

mold cape

Delved from deep foss
Limned by slow time
Hammered gold worn
By druids watching
The sun and moon
Mapping the years'
Nodes discerning
Seasons to sow
Reap and keep
Predicting eclipse
Hallowing the fallow
And when the
Time is ripe
Spilling needful blood
From the chosen one
On the greenstone
Scattering mistletoe
Pearls on the scarlet
Carpet until the tribe
Erupts in a frenzy
Of coition urged on
By the gold man
To set solstice seed
For equinox birth;
Ravens pick clean the
Raddled carrion leaving
Bones soon burned down
Fired with furze fuse
To sacred ash which
Smeared on brows offers
Protection from the
Baleful rays of Venus
In her morning ascension

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