Monday, 11 June 2012

Painted Lady

A ting ting ting
A cian cian cian
Derida derida derida
Derider ¡ ah !
Is that you Alfonso ¿
It is the old trouble
Poplitibus redux
Hamstrings like terriers
Your hands are so soothing
Like tiny Wendy Houses
Is it not so ?
Kerala looks nice this year
I know some guys there
Jerome tried and failed
At least he tried
Those little fish ~
Scrofulas isn't it they nibble
Nibble nibble away
Until your feet have disappeared
Marvellous only three ducats
Mrs Kraken had hers done
And it makes her look
Forty fathoms younger
Her son opened an origami nightclub
It folded
No ! No ! No !
Noh ! Noh ! Noh !
I mean yes
Felicien is coming for Candlemas
Usually we go round to theirs
But it makes a nice change
I've made some of those fish scones
He likes yes boops boops they are
Kinder to the teeth
Although my sisterinlore
Insists that brosme brosme
Is the thing well swings and roustabouts
One man's meat is another manse poisson
Eh ? Eh ?
Never mayenned
We are nearly there;
Look you can see a dolphin just
Off the starboard bow
Over there are some barking sharks
Well i feel so much better
Here keep this
It's just a peccadillo
To say thank you
¡ mwah ! ¡ mwah ! ¡ mwah !
Your new terrapin is just
The ticket

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