Monday, 11 June 2012

Pro juventute

Let us sing songs from a better time
Songs hewn from the timber of England
Deep delved from Albion's rich earth
Songs to set fleets sailing, to quake Armadas
Shanties and hornpipes to set the orlop ablaze
Our gallant lads facing the coward's bomb
Or the turncoat's bullet deserve a man's song
Not the cruel mensonges served up by the
Half-men lisping in their Soho studios
Making millionairesses of petulant frumps
Wittering tunelessly about their false lives
Sing oak, roast beef and good foaming ale
A toast unto Her Majesty and her loyal men
They die penniless but their hearts are golden
Dying to keep the miser safe at night
Their only treasure the friends around them
Their only bonus a painless death
We proudly sing of selfless sacrifice
Of ageless youths who pay the cruel price
For those of us who sleep unshelled
Whose children will awake unharmed

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