Monday, 11 June 2012


Pass the persimmon please
It offers untold tongue fun
Mrs Bagshaw recommends
A pinch of mummia avec
For that authentic taint
She let me touch her orrery
And showed me her astrolabe
Her husband is in money lending
And has no time for such cadavers
Look here is my digital book
You turn the pages like this
And it is like thousands of
Novels at your fingertops
It is utterly dull and no use
If you are caught short or
Wish to make a roach or
Some origami or to signal
Your literary preferences
To passersby or fellow
Tube travellers or whomever
This is delicious by the way
It reminds me of the time
I ate a guinea pig in Macchu
Picchu no that is a place the
Sauce was a peanut puree
With sour cherries you must
Give me the recipe we are
Going back to Patmos this
Summer it is divine a complete
Revelation no the islands are
Fine and Stavros and Eulalia
Keep an eye out for us well
We do help the local economy
By eating out and Myrtle feeds
The cats they are as thin as thin
And the Greeks well they are not
Really like us when it comes to pets
Or income tax for that matter
Well it was lovely to see you
Again we must meet up at
The villa it is strawberry pink
You can't miss it if you go too
Far you end up in the boneyard
Ciao mwah mwah

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