Friday, 7 September 2012


Here tonight are Magdalen Oxford
Ancient with no final e
Alma mater of Lloyd Webber
Betjeman and dear Bosie
Schrödinger may well
Have been here
Then again he may have not
His position is uncertain
Now let's see the other lot;
Sidney Sussex home of Cromwell
Where the fragrant Vorderman
Scored a third in Engineering
College of the Puritan
After thirty weary minutes
Waynflete's college win the game
Sidney score a cubic number
But they did not know the name
Of the painter of the baa lambs
Or the types of motor car
Grimethorpe music was a mystery
Gibbon's work a step too far
So they must return to Cambridge
Opposite the Sainsbury's store
Yes for Sidney it's all over
Quoth the Paxman Nevermore

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