Saturday, 1 September 2012

Ecoutez et repetez

Jean-Paul rêve du jardin
Under the careless eye of the moon
Those carefree days with Claudette
Unter den Linden ma foi !!
Sixty years have passed
And Claudette est disparue
Lors d'un accident de ski au Liban
Son corps n'a jamais été recuperé
Son corps .... ah !!
Quelle souplesse, les cheveux en
Queue de cheval, sa peau lisse
How many happy hours they spent
Exploring the eluctable modality
Of each other's visibility
The semantron sounds the hour of vespers
In the remote Greek monastery
And Jean-Paul wearily climbs the steps
To the sun bleached chapel
Where he offers his melismas
To the memory of she who still
Holds his heart in thrall
Under the gaze of burnt gold icons
He listens
And repeats

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