Monday, 17 September 2012


Euphrosyne do not scowl child
The wind may change
But Mama there is no wind today
Impertinence does you no favours
Now step into the brougham
And be careful with the egg basket
We shall call at the vicarage first
To see if the sexton needs a ride
Mama i do not like the sexton
He smells of crab apples and
Asked me if i wanted to see a grave
Where is the harm in that child ?
Afterwards we shall pass by the workhouse
And give the warden those chestnuts for the inmates
Mama perhaps they will not like the chestnuts
Nonsense child they will be never so grateful
Perhaps we can offer one of the older girls
A position in the kitchen
I shall mention it to cook this evening
Mama may i purchase some string in town ?
Very well Euphrosyne but no more than a chain
Thank you Mama i shall use it to make
A trapeze for my hedgehog
You spoil that rodent Euphrosyne

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