Friday, 7 September 2012

The Atheist

Ensconced in his elegant Oxford study
Surrounded by piles of his paperbacks
The elderly millionaire nodded at his visitor
An immaculately groomed gentleman of
A Levantine cast of feature sporting a neat
Goatee beard and curved sideburns
"I see your latest potboiler is doing well Professor"
"Yes, I am very grateful for your hints about the role of
"junk DNA in gene switching !
"I am pleased to report that all our projects are proceeding
"according to plan"
"The internet site ?"
"Yes that is a roaring success,
"Like taking candy from a baby"
"Candy indeed, Professor ! You have been
"spending too much time Stateside methinks "
The elderly millionaire forced his thin bloodless lips
into the simulacrum of a smile
"They have just passed the one million mark
"although many of those are multiples;
"Any opposition to our aims is quickly
"suppressed by the moderators ~
"Our opponents are belittled and the Enemy
"is ridiculed and insulted as a matter of course;
"Atheism has become quite the 'cool' thing on campus"
Observed the academic in his lisping voice,
Pausing to smooth his lank grey hair with a mottled hand
"These nincompoops will only realize too late that
"their destination is somewhat less than cool !"
They laughed cruelly, then the visitor glanced at his
Expensive wristwatch and frowned
"I must be on my way Professor; I am due at the BBC
"for lunch with some of our show business allies
"No peace for the wicked !!"

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