Monday, 15 October 2012

in the castle: kitchen

Please do not fiddle with the chives Phyllida
Sorry Mama it will not happen again
Now pass me the sticklebacks child
Here Mama they are very plump this year
Now slice up the bananas
Not too thinly
We place the stickleback inside the peel
And tie it up with the chives
Like this Mama ?
Tighter child
And hide them in the embers
What shall we do with the banana slices Mama ?
Atherton will place them on the belvedere for the hummingbirds
Mama i did not know that hummingbirds like bananas
There are many things you do not know Phyllida
Now these are ready
Take them to the guests in the orangery
And make sure they have hippocras aplenty
Yes Mama
Mama ?
Yes child ?
May i use my stilts ?
Very well but remember what happened
At the deanery
Yes Mama

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