Sunday, 4 November 2012

in the castle: fire feast

Mama ?
Yes Caprimulga ?
Why do we burn effigies this night ?
Nobody is quite sure child
The fat one is called Golden Gordino
The thin one is called Antonio the Weasel
But who they were is not clear
Some sort of evildoers no doubt
Perhaps they were footpads
Who wrought misery in the land Mama
Very likely child
Now let me see your costume
I do not think it will be warm enough
It is nearly winter
And chills and distempers are rife
But Mama all my friends
Are wearing leotards
So why may not i ?
Very well Caprimulga
I shall rub your exposed
Areas with bear fat child
That will offer protection
Against the cold tonight
Mama may i leap through the flames ?
If you are very careful child
Last year Caradoc slipped
And was burnt to a crisp
I shall be careful Mama
Here is Dysplasia
Hi Dysps !
Mama says i may leap the fire
We can jump together
This is bear fat
Don't ask

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