Saturday, 3 November 2012

in the castle: lices

Look Mama there is Joscelyn on Priedieu
He is so tall and puissant in his armour
Who is the challenger Mama ?
It is Gauquelin the Unwise from Aix
Why is he yclept Unwise Mama ?
Watch carefully child and see
Mama the sound of the hooves
It rolls like thunder up my legs
I feel tremblant Mama
Hush child the lances are lowered
I cannot watch Mama
Ah !
Sir Gauquelin is unhorsed
And his lance is sundered
Well done Joscelyn
But Mama now he is slipping
From the saddle
Ma foi Mama il est mort
No child he rises
A mere faint
Here Joscelyn here !
You were so brave just now
Take off your helm and sit awhile
Middleton will bring you a stubbie
Here are your glasses
Thanks Fraxina
It is thirsty work
Any chance of a smoke ?

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