Monday, 26 November 2012

in the castle: nosegay

Mama ?
Yes Hetaera ?
Why dost thou gather these divers florets ?
Speak not like unto a div child
Sorry Mama it was for the lulz
The Austin Powers ?
Well child these are lungwort
They help to keep your bosoms sprightly
And this is eglantine for clear eyesight
Here is spiderwort to avert the evil eye
Willowherb to quell unnatural desires
And wormwood to promote sleep
And this purple one Mama ?
Why that is snakeroot
And what is its use Mama ?
It helps ladies with their woe
Mama ?
More questions child ?
The stable boy likes to smoke an curious herb
In his onyx pipe
He let me try it in the hayloft
And i felt singular Mama
I see child
Redknapp shall depart tomorrow
But Mama he is so kind to me
And makes me feel complete
With his manly ways
Nonsense child he shall be replaced
Would you prefer a blond one ?
You choose this time Mama
Make haste Hetaera
We must take these plants
To the apothecary
Before the occultation of the third moon
So that he may distil them
And derive tinctures
While they are fresh and puissant
Yes Mama
I do not like the apothecary Mama
His skin is mildewed
And he smells of seaweed
Once he showed me a dried snake
Where is the harm in that child ?
No doubt you will smell odd
At the age of two hundred and
Yes Mama

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