Thursday, 22 November 2012

in the castle: synodic

Mama ?
Yes Slimcea ?
Is it true that a woman cannot be Head Druid ?
That is so child
The ruling was upheld yesterday
By Tanglebeard the Wan
After a close vote at Gorsedd
That seems so wrong Mama
We are capable of all the sacred tasks
And have assisted at sacrifices since
The rules were changed in the time
Of Leonard the Wise
The ways of Druidry are mysterious child
It is not meet for outsiders
To pry into their arrangements
We should leave well alone
But Mama we have to pay
The Oak Money each year
To maintain the druids in luxury
It is not unreasonable to ask
Them to acknowledge the changing
Role of women in society
It is the ninth century
We are not living in the Dark Ages
Why the sudden interest child ?
I would like to become a druid Mama
The garments would suit my fuller figure
And i do not mind blood
It is a difficult calling child
Only a few manage to complete
The years of arduous training
And the slaying of virgins
Is not everyone's cup of mead
I am sure that the training deals
Sensitively with those issues Mama
Actually the blood sacrifices are
Quite rare these days
A lot of Druidry is routine blessing
Of crops and wells
And presiding over tribal meetings
Just humdrum middle management
A talented woman could quickly rise
To board level if she did not marry Mama
Slimcea you know very well that
You are pledged to cousin Werther
And could only undertake part time work
Until you have raised his offspring
Mama i do not like Werther
His eyes are too close together
And he laughs like a cat
Do not be ungrateful Slimcea
Werther is a respected landowner
And very fertile
His previous wives bore him twenty
Children each before they expired
Mama i feel ill
Go to the belvedere child
We shall supplicate
Yes Mama

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