Saturday, 24 December 2011

Four Eyes

Four Eyes
When you are six
The words myopia
And astigmatism
Do not mean
A great deal
The reality
Is NHS specs
In undertaker black plastic
For the boys NHS 524 H/J
As sported by Buddy Holly
And similar
In alarming fuschia
Or weepy blue
For the girls
Until one fine day
A pair of
Gold circular lensed
NHS C 223
Were delivered
These masterpieces
Were the
Blowing away the
Lumbering 524 Heinkels
The curling ends
Fastened the specs
Securely to the lugholes
Of thousands of
Four-eyed lads
The frame could be
Bent out of shape
And back again
The acetate pads
Left tell tale dents
On childish noses
The most famous
Wearers were
John Lennon
And Keith Bennett
Both of whom met
Tragic ends
You can still
Buy them
But they cost
More than

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