Saturday, 28 January 2012

On the Preparation of Coffee

Grown for my taste pleasure
On another continent
By people I will never meet
Java shares its name with
A systems programming language
It certainly helps to reboot my bios
Each morning;
Every four days I replenish
The cafetière with three
Heaped tablespoons of the
Aromatic dark powder which I
Keep in a round tin up high;
Boiling water cascades in a
Frothy maelstrom stirred clockwise
Rising to the steel flask's lip
Sealed for five minutes
The liquid is transmuted into
Steaming black coffee then the
Plunger descends poco a poco;
Tomorrow's beverage will be poured
Cold and heated in the microwave,
But today's is ready from the jug,
A little island of foam rotating
In the middle of the mug
Winking with strange metallic sheens
Two spoons of sugar
A dash of milk
And it is ready
To perform its wicked
Alchemy on my autonomic
Nervous system zipping
Through synaptic jungles
At the speed of thought
The caffeine flickers silently
Across numberless receptor
Sites tingling with catecholamine
Merriment it shakes me awake
Ahhhh !!

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