Monday, 13 February 2012

Pop goes the Diesel

140.8p a litre
Cheaper than the supermarket
Might as well fill up here
Although no points
On my purple and white
Nectar card
Grapple with the yellow
Diesel constrictor until
The precious fluid is
Pumping into the tank
The smell is not unpleasant
Some people insist on
Wearing plastic gloves
I have never bothered;
Clunk and the flow stops
Squeeze again to top up
Shake the last few drops
Out of the bendy fuel willy
Carefully replace in the cradle
And enter the kiosk to pay;
Shelves of maps, bread, crisps
And pornography do not tempt me
Pump ermmm three please
Plastic, PIN, shielded from
Prying eyes, can't trust
Anyone these days can you
VAT receipt ? Please mate
It would be rude not to
Accept this token of business
Manhood from the cashier
Return to motor where I
Quickly record the amounts
And mileage then reset to zero
Estimate the consumption ~
Over 45 miles per gallon is
The target ~ just missed it
Better luck next week

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