Saturday, 25 February 2012

Say Cheese

Humble victim of a million lunchtimes
Sliced by cruel knives for the pleasure of
Sandwich munchers thou keepest thy
Caseinous counsel, uncomplaining as
The vicious tangs of the grater rip thee
Apart in thy curdly martyrdom;
As St Lawrence suffered the pangs
Of the fiery griddle so dost thou
Face the blistering heat required
To melt thee onto toast in the Welsh
Manner; the sting of Worcester Sauce
Prolongs this culinary atrocity; silenced
Are the mouths which consume thee in the
Ploughman's Lunch; a lettuce shroud and a
And a pickled onion accompanying thee on
Thy final journey; a sarson sexton for thy
Hasty obsequies; ask not for whom the bel
paese tolls ~ it tolls for brie

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