Thursday, 15 March 2012

conjunction: Wasp Star

Tonight i saw
Venus and Jupiter
In bright conjunction
In the western sky
The Aztecs called
Venus xux ek'
Which means
Wasp Star; their
Name for Jupiter
Is not recorded;
They carefully
Tracked xux ek''s
582 day progression
Through the sky;
For part of the
Journey the Evening
Star disappears
Below the horizon
To be reborn in the
West as the Morning Star;
At these critical periods
Of death and rebirth
The Aztecs would
Hide indoors from
The baleful influence
Of the Wasp Star
For a week or so
Even their chimneys
Were stopped up
To prevent the
Death rays entering
The house;
I do hope that
I will not be
Affected by
Exposing myself
To this celestial
So nonchalantly
This evening

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