Thursday, 15 March 2012


I have never seen a ghost;
This is somewhat dis-
Appointing; lots of
Quite reliable people
Say they have seen one
Or sometimes several;
I have had quite a few
Uncanny experiences
Such as déja vu or
Weird coincidences
But no grey ladies
Or headless monks
Have made themselves
Known to me; i like to
Keep an open mind on
These matters ~ i am
Less sanguine regarding
Crop circles...grr they are
All hoaxes perpetrated by
Rural jokers on their way
Home from the Weasel &
Bagpipes or a bunch of
Nerds from the local uni
Taking an evening off
From dungeons & dragons
And don't get me started
On Ley Lines or crystal
Healing or you might
Find your chakras have
Become misaligned and
Your ying shoved up your

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