Friday, 20 April 2012

darkness visible

We walk together along the seashore
The wind winding gulls and gannets
Sunlight coruscating on smooth glass
The tide is ebbing coyly revealing kelp
Whelks smelts drowned whelps
We follow the longshore drift
Tracing cusps of schoonered dunes
In no hurry to return home to face
The sympathetic sofa folk who poke
Well meaning noses into our grief
"we really admire how you cope"
On the beach we connect nothing
With cnut- thing
Our sorrow ebbs and flows
We calibrate our pain with
The metronomic tidebeat
She would have been ten today
Too old for sandcastles
Too young to walk alone
We could not see that
She was ebbing away
Until it was too late
And so we walk on

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