Friday, 20 April 2012


Despite this, she continued
I am willing to give you another chance
I am a fool to myself she added
I should have listened to my mother
She said that you would ruin my life
O I replied and what does she know
With her vallances dadoes and doilies ?
That's right she said attack my mother
You look down on her don't you
No I said your mother is neither
Here nor there anyway this is about us
We are not in a Jane Austen isn't it ?
You think you are so clever she said
Tapping her finger on the windowsill
You earn less than that carpet salesman
In the house over there which is bigger
Than our house she emphasised
So why don't you go and ****
Mr Floorcoverings ? I suggested
I am sure he will give you a
Good discount on a deep shag
With full underlay I ejaculated
That's it I'm off she said
Cheers then I said give
My regards to your mother
She will be back in a few days
She can't keep away

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