Friday, 20 April 2012


Not blobbying lobbying
There are towns where
You can't get a plastic bag
Two old pennies goodness me
Indeed you did you did
Waiting and seeing is a dangerously
Slow strategy
Pure joy was how he described his feelings
Woods is Augusta bound
Sri Lanka won the toss
It's a breakfast many of them
Wouldn't get
Dozens of the ladies in white
Were rounded up by the police
We had pretty good data
You mean in terms of outcomes ?
You can't just wait for the bad ball
Keep the scoreboard ticking
Pushing up to extra cover
Will he get one ?
Six overs five maidens
Nought for one
One run from forty three balls
On his knees at forward short leg
Andrew Fagg reports
Plenty of sunshine heading my way
I'm the tax man
And you're working for no one but me
The best things in life are free
Your loving gives me a thrill
I was supposed to get her a tracksuit
And bought a rake instead
Dreaming of buying your first home ?
See website for terms and conditions
Go to Facebook now to get 30% off designer shreddies
Thanks Haribo
With Bedfordshire & Luton casualty reduction

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