Friday, 20 April 2012

track 2

This is the second track on our new album
"Terms & Conditions"

*I like Aero ( not the mint one )*

Bubbles crunch winsomely
Like kisses blown on the wind
You will come to me my darling
And unwrap the aero of my mind


*we are the chocolate people
so sweet is our love
staining our teeth
and our fingers
we will melt in your glove*

Rain runs down my sad window
Like the tears on your rubbery face
When you find that your
Bar of chocolate is not in
Its usual place
Oh no


Now that we're growing older
The chocolate still stuck in your hair
Each square reminds me of romance
Which really no longer is there...
So wrap up the last crumbs of aero
And place them on the bus seat
The next one can sit on their
Bubbles and all we can do is repeat...


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