Friday, 20 April 2012

On seeing a Worm in distress

This afternoon as i spun
Down a deserted track
In the spring sunshine
I saw a worm sprawled
In front of me;
I stopped and walked
Back to inspect the
Hapless invertebrate;
It was indeed a fine
Specimen of Lumbricus
Terrestris in the full
Flower of adulthood
Yet it lay on the tarmac
Exposed to the sun and
Any passing bird; my
Duty was clear ~ i
Scooped up the squirming
Creature and chucked it
Into a patch of moist grass;
Hopefully my good deed
Will be duly noted by the
Relevant Authorities and
Will be rewarded in some
Fashion in the future;
I have sent countless
Worms to a watery grave
In the past as bait for
Perch and eels so it
Is good to make amends
Maggots are harder to

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