Saturday, 12 May 2012


I often visit Boots the chemist
But rarely buy anything;
Fortunately I am not prone
To illnesses touch wood so
Have no need of the apothecary;
I used to take my summer holiday
Snaps there to be developed but
What with digital and all it is no
Longer needed and they will soon
Be shutting down the photo counter;
I might occasionally buy a meal deal
From the chiller cabinet at lunchtime ~
Their prawn sandwiches are toothsome
But mainly I just wander in one door and
Out the other, hoping that there are no
Germs lying in wait ready to pounce.
Most of the customers and staff seem
To be female so I do not feel a great
Urge to dawdle among the nappies
And so forth, and avoid the cosmetics
Area where the assistants appear to
Make full use of the various products
Available to supplement Nature's palette.
It is comforting to know that they are
Still in business but I prefer to use
The 99p shop to buy vitamins and
Plasters should the need arise;
The staff there do not wear
Dazzling white tunics but I
Am not greatly bothered

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