Saturday, 12 May 2012


We did not ask for much
Just a roof for ourselves and
Some grazing for the donkey
My wife you must understand
Was ready to give birth and
The long journey had tired her;
Her sister was not able to be
With her for the confinement;
I had to help deliver the baby
In the straw although a local
Girl turned up thank goodness;
You see this was Miriam's first
Baby and she was only fifteen;
No doubt you will have heard
The gossip about angels and
What not ~ all I can add is that
She was a sweet girl and a good
Wife to me in every sense.
After the birth we returned
To Nazareth and settled down
To a normal family life in the
Bustling village ~ my business
Flourished and our son grew
Tall and straight, a real mensch.
No doubt you know what happened
After he left home and ended up in
Jerusalem; his mother never really
Recovered from the shock and was
Dead within a year; I will soon be
Joining her; my strength is failing
And I cannot even hold an adze.
My nephew has taken over the
Workshop and lets me sit in the
Corner but we both know that
I am no longer in charge.
Some of my son's followers
Drop in to pay their respects
And we reminisce about him
And his mother. Such wonderful
Stories; I hope that they will be
Written down for people to enjoy
In the future. I must leave you now
If you don't mind; I always visit my
Wife's grave before the Sabbath begins.
Thank you and may the Almighty light
Your path and keep you from stumbling.

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