Saturday, 12 May 2012


Atoms never go wrong
Electrons never go on strike
Protons just get on with it
These exquisite invisibles
Quantised and quarky
Bathed in energy
Diffracted refracted
Interfering decaying
Wavicles here there
And everywhere
Meson boson
Pion schmion
Emitting absorbing
Resonating silently
They perform their
High speed quadrilles
Billions of times a second
Inside all of us but we
Have no awareness
Of this other world
In which volition
And value have no
Meaning and entropy
Is the paymaster
Hadrons and leptons
Just do their stuff
Inside saints and
Sinners and when
Death occurs none
Of the atoms mourn
They just carry on
Exactly as before
But perhaps in a
Fish or a cloud or
A diamond or a
Cuckoo or a

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