Saturday, 12 May 2012

Santa Dew

Sa Kublai Khan.
Interesting weapon was born.
Alpha is a shelter that will be implemented.
Cave of the action.
The sea is visible.

Earth is considered to be 23 kilometers.
Hakuto, walls and columns.
LIL is a soft, clean cloth.
The fragrance of flowers.
The world's forests.
The light is the green bar.

But, oh! Romantic vision of the valley.
The bottom of the cover is green!
What is the hair! If Santa is Satan.
I want to read on the moon.
Like tears, his wife, Dave!
In this sense, continuing the food situation.
Pants and shortness of breath.
A powerful force in the spring.
Rapidly in this group occurred within two minutes.
Thank dropped to the ice.
Harnesses or the seeds of other passengers.
At the same time, even through the rock to dance.
Sacred place, fell into the river.
One kilometer is misleading.
Rolls-Royce and the heart of the river is sacred.
People to the cave.
Dead Sea, the ramp was drowned.
If I did not hear the commotion.
The voice of our ancestors!

I have a shiny dome.
Swimming in the beam.
I heard that is bitter.
And cave resources.
This is a rare miracle of the phone.
A beautiful day, and the dome of the ice cave!

I think.
I see.
Ethiopian women.
Audio editing mountain. "
I suggest
The similarities and differences of the song.
"I deeply, among other things, I think that twould.
I want to build an air store.
House the sun was shining! Ice cave!
And all you will hear what they are.
Please note that all of the grave! Watch out!
Lightning, eyes and floating hair!
Sector, almost three times the size of the tile.
Kings Park, Durban, close your eyes and w holy fear.
This is sweet.
Milk and heaven ....

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