Monday, 14 May 2012

the visitor

Dim the lights now dim the lights
Await the tender knock
We cannot hold our candle high
Refusing entrance you and I
To one who would seek succour
Here a shelter from a world of pain
Where money talks and folly walks
And goodness is disdained;
So open up the barrèd gate
The wicket hold ajar
To welcome in the weary soul
Whose bruisèd mien
And draggled garb bear witness
To a journey from afar
Through highways drear and
Byways sere he kept the loyal flame
Alight when voices spoke to him
"Betray the Holy Name"
He did not yield his precious gift
Nor cast aside his yoke
He sought no solace in the arms
Of strumpets hiring raddled charms
He never malice spoke;
Now comes his hour of midnight dread
The dice are cast a final throw
'tis not for mortal men to know
The when the what the where and how
We must surrender to the will of Him
Who made us creatures prone to sin;
If this should be his final night
Where death replaces dawn's dear light
Then kindly thoughts will banish fear
And simple hearts give succour sweet
Until the fevered brow is cold
Then angels bear him to his rest
Unto the untold realms of gold

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