Saturday, 12 May 2012

Zander Ado

Zander ado
Khan's Xanadu is a chest of drawers
Enjoy the magnificent dome of the Regulation:
α, the sacred river, where you run
The cave people can not be measured
Down a dark sea.

So twice five miles of fertile soils
The walls and towers around the Loop:
And gardens, winding rivers clear,
As interest in Hong flower;
Here is the old-growth forest hills
Green Day to stretch.

But, alas! Place a deep, romantic angle
Cross the Green Mountain along the cedar deck!
The Wild Place! Holy and drunk
Understanding haunted as e'er a month
Women of sadness demon lover!
Why is this difference, continuous agitation boiling point
Soil thick pants, such as breathing.
Fountain was a powerful moment:
His fastest half-spaced series of
Large parts, such as the vault full of pop-ups,
Threshing grain, sailing or pot:
And these dancing rocks at once
She suggested that the sacred rivers.
5 miles of winding movement of the damaged
Sacred Valley of the river and through the trees, ran
Then you come to the cave can not be measured
Turmoil and sank lifeless ocean:
And "the bed to hear the chaos
Prophecy of war sound ancestors!

Shadow of the dome of pleasure
Halfway drift waves;
How did you hear the noise measures
Fountain and the caves.
This tool is a rare miracle
Ice cave on a sunny Pleasure Dome!

dulcimer girl
Time I saw a vision:
Ethiopian girl
He plays dulcimer
Mount singing suspension.
I can not save
Her symphony and song
I win a deep joy for the elderly
This music is hard and long
I'm going to build a dome in the air
That sunny dome! Caves of ice!
And all the people I've heard is to see
And cry, attention must be paid! Attention!
His eyes were gleaming wavy hair!
Weaving around three times,
Holy fear and close your eyes,
Honeydew, his Fed
And the sky to drink milk.

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