Monday, 11 June 2012


See the baby mackerel
How they tingle !!
And mingle as they linger
Whereabouts are the limpets ?
Critics say that not enough is
A spokesman for the
Doubts have been
Now children raise your
Arms like trees and follow
The music round and round
That's splendid and Stop
Perhaps we shall never know
The true extent of the iceberg
Of which this is the tipple
It is a chill wind which has
No sillifer lining she said
Anyway we won't be here
To see it why not says i
Because that is when we
Are going to the pitchers
Norway Jose i replimented
But yew prom mist she said
We can go to the sinenema
Anyoldday i ejaculated but
This is the Jew Billy is it not ?
O she says i thought it was
The Lunnun O' Limpets
I am so silly yes i agreed
You are a silly moo no i'm
Not she says you are bang
Out of ordure saying vat
If you are not carefool i
Will go off with Dave who
Has that car pit shop he
Fancies me something
Rattan well lucky you
I spokeforth go and let
Him have his way with
You you ungrateful trolp
Right i'm going she says
And leave it to simmer
For ooh twenty minutes
Until the fur is nice and loose
Pukka !!

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